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boulders beach, South Africa
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  • me: i wish a boy would like me
  • boy: i like you
  • me: no not you

91,608 notes - 25 April, 2012

terry fox ravens <3i have never been SO excited at a basketball game before… we were down 71-63 with 3 minutes left in the game and by some miracle the AMAZING players got their team up 74-73 with just 30 seconds left on the clock… i was standing right there all decked out screaming my lungs out and Danny went for a three and missed but Tanner quickly grabbed the rebound and Jesse was out and ready for it, he got it ran back in and with only 5 seconds on the shot clock hit the most amazing shot i have ever seen and that he has ever done, my god it was the craziest thing of my life the fans were screaming the players were screaming and i’m getting chills just writing this out now! 3 seconds on the clock and WG was in possession and Jadon stepped out of bounds with .3 on the clock every single Fox fan ran onto the court and freaked out for the boys but we had to go back and the game went back on but for the shortest amount of time and we were all back on the court hugging and screaming and just congratulating our boys as best we could! 75-74 win!!!! i was shaking i was so happy, so proud to be a raven and of the basketball players they deserved it for sure! don’t regret looking like this one bit! if i could go back i would! Terry Fox Ravens FIRST PLACE BC CHAMPS! 
forever faithful, love my boys :)
the besssssssssst